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Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Aussen Dämmerung 07
Winterstimmung Grand Hotels Im Dorfzentrum
MR Zimmer 509 Wohn 63
Matterhorn Zermatt Hotel
Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Frühstück 12
Belle Epoque Fine Dining Restaurant Zermatt MR Restaurant 17
Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Detail Frühstücksraum 10
Hotel Monte Rosa - Flowers Zermatt
Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR 01 Edelweissdeluxedoubleroom 506 11

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Winter season:
15 December 2023 until 7 April 2024

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Everything is covered in a blanket of snow. Sounds are hushed; there are no cars to disturb the peace. A small porch, a wooden door, a discreet brass plate. The Monte Rosa is not an ostentatious hotel; it is a hotel of small gestures. You step into the warm. A sense of well-being wraps itself around you like a warm coat. A welcoming smile greets you. You return the smile. You have arrived.

Three of our winter highlights

Brasserie Belle-Époque

Stucco ceilings and walls, crystal chandeliers, historic paintings, velvet chairs. The Belle-Époque restaurant takes you back 100 years in time. Until the menu is served, that is. The exquisite cuisine transports you straight into the here and now.

Belle Epoque Fine Dining Restaurant Zermatt MR Restaurant 17

Rooms & Suites

Spacious or generous, with or without a balcony, with a view of the Matterhorn or over Zermatt and its mountain landscape, romantic or modern – but always comfortable and welcoming. Our 41 rooms are all different. Find out which one is your favourite.

Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR 07 Matterhornopensuite 303 05

Spa Nescens

The Spa Nescens at the Mont Cervin Palace cover an area of 1700 m2 – plenty of space for activity and relaxation, fun and tranquillity.

Mont Cervin Hotel Zermatt MCP Wellness 085 1

Pioneering Spirit and
Belle Époque

The stuff that dreams are made of

Can a hotel have charisma? The Monte Rosa without a doubt. The original foundation walls from 1839 exude the courage of the first mountaineers, the décor and furnishings the lustre of the belle époque. Again and again that magical moment overcomes you as another door opens onto the past. .

Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Corridor 06
Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt MR Detail Frühstücksraum 10

Doing good for our guests

For generations, from generations

Five generations separate us from Alexander Seiler, the pioneering hotelier who took over a simple wooden chalet more than 160 years ago and under the name of Monte Rosa transformed it into one of the best hotels in the Alps. "Be good to your guests" was his maxim, and it has been handed down from generation to generation. To this day, this seemingly so simple phrase has lost none of its meaning or force.

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