Be good to your guests

Five generations separate us from Alexander Seiler, the pioneering hotelier who took over a simple wooden chalet more than 160 years ago and under the name of Monte Rosa transformed it into one of the best hotels in the Alps. "Be good to your guests" was his maxim, and it has been handed down from generation to generation. To this day, this seemingly so simple phrase has lost none of its meaning or force.

The first guests in Zermatt were mountaineers in search of adventure. In the Hotel Monte Rosa they found warmth and familiarity, but also diversion and entertainment. When you check in as our guest today, you will still sense much of that same spirit. The Monte Rosa is a small family hotel. We take care of your needs with a great deal of personal commitment. Your wellbeing matters to us – more than anything else.

Warmest regards

Simone Seiler & Katharina Camenzind
and the entire Monte Rosa team